What our customers say

"I was happy and satisfied with booking through booktheorytests.co.uk and would recomend it to anyone as I have to friends and family."
"the best theory website ever. passed first time now all my friends wanna join lol tx for all the help. the meterial is amezing everything u need to know about theory just at ur fingertips"
"The service you have is invaluable. I failed my first theory test and with your great service I retook it the following month and PASSED. Without this service I would have had to save up before I could retake it. I have RECOMMENDED this great product to ALL of my friends. THANKYOU."
"Booktheorytests.co.uk was fairly priced, easy to use and their support when claiming on pass protection was great."
"I only wished i had booked my theory test through you earlier. I took 13 attempts to pass so i could have saved a lot of money. I ended up failing my first test with you by 1 mark. The retest was free so i ended up paying less for it in the long run. I passed on the 2nd attempt with you. I also think i would have passed sooner had i booked through you earlier as i had to do the revision and sample tests to qualify for the free resits. Although i did revision for the other tests i took, it was obviously no way near enough revision for me to pass. Excellant idea and could save you a lot of money in the long run if you have trouble revising and sitting tests. I have recommended you onto friends and family and some of them have booked through you since. Although you initially pay slightly more and i must admit i moaned at my mum for paying more but if you fail that first test wich i did you end up saving money in the long run. THANK YOU, YOU GOT ME THROUGH MY THEORY!!!!"
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